What is an Apostille?

In simple words, an Apostille is a certificate that is attached to public documents. The Apostille is the result of a simplified legalization process that has been developed by some countries that, in 1961, have adhered to a treaty called the Hague Convention. This has made it easier for an institution to deal with foreign public documents. … Leggi tutto

When do you need an apostille?

You will be asked for an Apostille when your public documents need to be handed to a foreign country. In this case, you will be asked for a translation as well as the authentication of the seals and signatures of officials on your documents. The authentication is done with the application of the Apostille on the document … Leggi tutto

Translator, not traitor

Because of the predominant influence of the Western teachings about translation, one of the most common misconceptions of translation is the fact related to fidelity. The word translation derives from a Latin word that means “carrying across” which implies a kind of translation that conveys meaning from a language to another with no added value … Leggi tutto